ReadOregon is a collaborative program between three universities that share a common curriculum of online literacy courses.  You may take courses at any of the cooperating universities from wherever you happen to be. What began as a grant in 2003 (from the U.S. Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)), continues to provide dynamic coursework for teachers who are wanting to add a reading endorsement to their existing license or who want to update their professional toolbox.

The ReadOregon consortium offers three programs:

  • a 24-credit TSPC-approved Reading Endorsement program,
  • a 12-credit literacy education course of study for general classroom teachers,
  • a “courses-only” option.

ReadOregon courses encompass 7 thematic areas that align with the International Reading Association Standards:

  1. literacy foundations
  2. literacy strategies and methods
  3. literacy for diverse learners
  4. literacy assessment
  5. leadership in school reading programs
  6. literature
  7. practicum

You may select one of the three universities (EOU, PSU or SOU) as your “home” institution but can take classes at any of the collaborating universities. You will do your practicum through your “home” institution.