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READ 591: Young Adult Literature: Gr 5-12 (3-cr)
Winter 2005
Spring 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Ryan Harrington - Western Oregon University

This course has three purposes: 1. to understand the history of adolescent literature and the variety of quality books available; 2. to understand how to use them for optimal experiences in a classroom; and 3. to understand the development and culture of the adolescent.
PREREQUISITES There are no required prerequisites for this course. However, learners are assumed to be teachers with access to upper elementary through high school students.
Textbook, library, and online readings with posted reflections; posting to whole class discussion forum; providing feedback to other learners; three assignments (both theoretical and applied) plus an integrative capstone assignment.
STANDARDS This course supports the following International Reading Association's Standards for Reading Professionals (2003):
1.4   Demonstrate knowledge of the major components of reading (phonemic awareness, word identification and phonics, vocabulary and background knowledge, fluency, comprehension strategies, and motivation) and how they are integrated in fluent reading.
2.3 Use a wide range of curriculum materials in effective reading instruction for learners at different stages of reading and writing development and from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
4.1 Use students' interests, reading abilities, and backgrounds as foundations for the reading and writing program.
4.2 Use a large supply of books, technology-based information, and non-print materials representing multiple levels, broad interests, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
4.3 Model reading and writing enthusiastically as valued lifelong activities.
5.1 Display positive dispositions related to reading and the teaching of reading.
5.2 Continue to pursue the development of professional knowledge and dispositions.
5.3 Work with colleagues to observe, evaluate, and provide feedback on each other's practice.
During this course, you will be asked to incorporate some of the assignments into your daily teaching. The assignments are designed to be meaningful to you as a practicing teacher.
CORE/ELECTIVE This graduate course can be used as 3 elective credits in the Literature thematic area in the 24-credit Reading Endorsement program, the 12-credit Literary Education program, or for individual professional development.
INSTRUCTOR(S) Ryan Harrington, Instructor, Western Oregon University
This course is designed for teachers in grade 5-12 to include all content areas. By understanding the integrative properties of quality literature in all content areas, teachers will also learn the power of using literature in all coursework.
Although it is difficult to predict time commitment for each individual, participants will be expected to read from the required text, read a variety of young adult literature, and implement some of new ideas using YAL into the classroom setting. Students should expect to spend approximately 9 hours per week for 10 weeks in course-related activities (e.g., reading the text and course materials, posting to discussion forums, completing written and classroom-based assignments). This course is online and does not require in-person attendance. Assignments are completed on the learner's time schedule and are due as posted.
TEXTBOOK A textbook is required for this course. You will be sent the textbook title and suggested purchase locations when you register for the course.
COST No course in the ReadOregon curriculum will cost more than $359 per credit, including all fees, for students in the ReadOregon program.
CONTACT For more details on this course, please contact Ryan Harrington.

For further questions about ReadOregon programs, email Bonnie Morihara or call 503-838-8413.

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