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CI 510: Engaging Readers/Nurturing Writers, Gr 6-12 (3 cr)
Fall 2013
Fall 2013: 09/30/13 - 12/13/13

Leanne Moll, Portland State University

This course explores how teachers can create a classroom of engaged readers and motivated writers where students' natural cravings to read and write are nurtured. Emphasis is on a reading and writing workshop approach to literature and composition, as well as use of response groups, conference procedures, and strategies that are responsive to adolescents' individual differences, interests, developmental levels, and cultural contexts.
PREREQUISITES There are no required prerequisites for this graduate-level course. However, learners are assumed to be licensed or preservice educators with access to middle and/or high school students.
Readings from course website with postings to discussion board; case study; culminating project.
STANDARDS This course supports all of the International Reading Association's 2010 Standards for Reading Professionals.
Completers of this course will be able to:
  1. Identify and critically analyze key issues and controversies in motivation theory and research and understand why student engagement and motivation is critical to literacy achievement.
  2. Understand the ways in which personal, cultural, and historical experiences affect the motivation of learners from a variety of socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. Reexamine the concept of intrinsic motivation and assess its role in student reading and writing for both reluctant students and students who are already intrinsically motivated to read and write.
  4. Explore ways to foster intrinsic motivation and high levels of engagement for reading and writing in the classroom, including creating a nurturing literacy environment and carefully planning activities.
  5. Implement research-based strategies to engage all students within the constraints of large classes and mandates that address Common Core standards.
  6. Link good assignment design to criteria for student and teacher self-assessment and assess student engagement and motivation.
  7. Consider how motivational forces may have helped shape important aspects of your life experience and identity and demonstrate intellectual initiative by making meaningful connections between course material and your own knowledge and thinking contextually and reflectively.
CORE/ELECTIVE This graduate course can be used as 3 core or elective credits in the Literacy Strategies and Methods thematic area in the 24-credit Reading Endorsement program, the 12-credit Literary Education program, or for individual professional development.
INSTRUCTOR Leanne Moll, PSU Instructor, has worked as a high school and middle school English language arts teacher, a reading teacher, a writing coach, a literacy curriculum developer, and a college writing instructor. Currently, Leanne teaches English at Catlin Gabel Upper School, developmental reading, writing, and study skills courses at Portland Community College, and literacy education courses through Read Oregon. She holds an Oregon reading endorsement on her teaching license. (BA, Mills College; MA, Cornell University; MAT, Lewis & Clark College)
Middle and high school teachers seeking to motivate their students in reading and writing.
Students should expect to spend 9 hours per week for 10 weeks in course-related activities (e.g., reading the text and course materials, posting to discussion forums, completing written reports/papers and classroom-based assignments). This course is online and does not require in-person attendance. Assignments are completed on the learner's time schedule and are due as posted.
TEXTBOOK No textbook is required for this course. Readings can be downloaded from the course homepage.
COST No course in the ReadOregon curriculum costs more than $359 per credit.
CONTACT For more details on this course, please contact Elizabeth Snyder at Portland State University.

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