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READ 580
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School Reading Program Leadership
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This course is designed for preservice and practicing educators who are applying for a reading endorsement or MS. Ed with a reading emphasis as well as others interested in school reading program leadership. Emphasis is on the functional planning, organization and management of classroom and school wide reading programs.

Donna Shrier
Instructor bio

Donna Shrier, Senior Instructor, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University. Literacy Program faculty and cohort leader and faculty for the Graduate Teacher Education Program. She taught grades K-9 in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, including serving as a reading specialist and TAG specialist. Her areas of expertise include working with struggling readers and writers, gifted learners, literature study and differentiated curriculum. Certifications include Oregon Teaching License (K-9), Reading Endorsement (K-12), Administrator License.(BA, MA, University of Northern Colorado)


This course should one of the last classes in the Reading Endorsement Program. Two or three years of classroom teaching will also be helpful.


1.1 Candidates understand major theories and empirical research that describe the cognitive, linguistic, motivational, and sociocultural foundations of reading and writing development, processes, and components, including word recognition, language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and reading-writing connections.
1.3 Candidates understand the role of professional judgment and practical knowledge for improving all students’ reading development and achievement.
3.4 Candidates communicate assessment results and implications to a variety of audiences.
4.1 Candidates recognize, understand, and value the forms of diversity that exist in society and their importance in learning to read and write.
6.1 Candidates demonstrate foundational knowledge of adult learning theories and related research about organizational change, professional development, and school culture.
6.2 Candidates display positive dispositions related to their own reading and writing and the teaching of reading and writing, and pursue the development of individual professional knowledge and behaviors.
6.3 Candidates participate in, design, facilitate, lead, and evaluate effective and differentiated professional development programs.
6.4 Candidates understand and influence local, state, or national policy decisions.

Practical applications

The assignments are designed to be meaningful to you as a developing reading specialist. You will access professional literacy organization materials, develop a personal vision of literacy, explore the many roles of a literacy leader, and develop a literacy action plan for your school.

Time commitment

Students should expect to spend 9 hours per week for 10 weeks in course-related activities (e.g., reading the text and course materials, posting to discussion forums, completing written reports/papers and assignments).


A textbook is required for this course. Please check with PSU’s ReadOregon program.

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Winter 2014
Summer 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
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