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F 14, F 15, F 16, F 17, F 18
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LIB 533
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Global Literature, K-12
Course description

An introduction to global literature for use at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. An overview of contemporary children’s and young adult literature set in either the present or historical periods in countries around the world. Emphasis is on the identification, reading, discussion, and utilization of various genres that support the curriculum in schools.

Dr. Barbara Ruben
Instructor bio

Barb Ruben, EdD, works with preservice teachers in the Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP), the Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP), and the Library Media Program. at PSU. (BA, University of California, Santa Cruz; MAT, Lewis& Clark; EdD Portland State University.)




There are no required prerequisites for this course. However, learners are assumed to be teachers with access to K-12 students.


2.3 Candidates use a wide range of texts (e.g., narrative, expository, and poetry) from traditional print, digital, and online resources.
4.1 Candidates recognize, understand, and value the forms of diversity that exist in society and their importance in learning to read and write.
4.2 Candidates use a literacy curriculum and engage in instructional practices that positively impact students’ knowledge, beliefs, and engagement with the features of diversity.

Practical applications

Learners will explore global literature from a variety of genres and cultures. They will develop skills for selecting and evaluating global literature offerings that are appropriate for specific age levels and content areas. Learners will also develop rationale and strategies for integrating global literature into the curriculum.

Time commitment

Students should expect to spend 9 hours per week for 10 weeks in course-related activities (e.g., reading the text and course materials, posting to discussion forums, completing written reports/papers and assignments).


A textbook is required for this course. Please check with PSU’s ReadOregon program.

Historical offerings

Winter 2008
Spring 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Fall 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013