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W 17, W 18
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CI 510
Course title
Engaging Reluctant Readers
Course description

This course explores how teachers can create a classroom of engaged readers and motivated writers where students’ natural cravings to read and write are nurtured. Emphasis is on a reading and writing workshop approach to literature and composition, as well as use of response groups, conference procedures, and strategies that are responsive to students’ individual differences, interests, developmental levels, and cultural contexts.

Leanne Moll
Instructor bio

Leanne Moll, MA has worked as a high school and middle school language arts teacher, a reading teacher, a writing coach, a literacy curriculum developer, and a college writing instructor. Prior to her career in education, Leanne was a PhD Candidate and college instructor in musicology and comparative literature. Currently, Leanne teaches English and works as a Learning Specialist focusing on adolescent literacy at Catlin Gabel School. She earned a BA from Mills College, an MA in musicology from Cornell University, and an MAT from Lewis & Clark College. Leanne completed her ReadOregon Reading Endorsement in 2011.


There are no required prerequisites for this graduate-level course. However, learners are assumed to be licensed or preservice educators with access to students.


IRA 2.1
Demonstrates a foundational knowledge to design or implement an integrated, comprehensive, and balance curriculum

IRA 2.2
Uses appropriate and varied instructional approaches, including those that develop word recognition, language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and reading-writing connections

IRA 2.3
Uses a wide range of texts from traditional print, digital, and online resources.

IRA 5.1
Designs the physical environment to optimize students’ use of traditional print, digital, and online resources in reading and writing.

IRA 5.1
Designs the physical environment to optimize students’ use of traditional print, digital, and online resources in reading and writing.
IRA 5.2
Designs a social environment that is low risk and includes choice, motivation, and scaffold support to optimize student learning.IRA 5.3
Uses routines to support reading and writing instruction.

IRA 5.4
Uses a variety of classroom configurations to differentiate instruction.

Practical applications
Time commitment

Students should expect to spend 9 hours per week for 10 weeks in course-related activities (e.g., reading the text and course materials, posting to discussion forums, completing written reports/papers and assignments). This course is online and does not require in-person attendance. Assignments are completed on the learner’s time schedule and are due as posted.


A textbook is not required for this course. Readings will be available in D2L, our online learning platform.

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