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formerly known as CREADE
Collaborative Reading Education And Distance Education

Current ReadOregon Courses


  1. Here is an extended schedule of ReadOregon courses sorted by thematic area so that you can better plan your program.
  2. Here is a list of ReadOregon courses offered in the past. This will also help you plan your program as well as recall courses you have already taken.
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Remember: You must register directly with the university teaching the course

Common tuition for ReadOregon courses is $359 per credit.

SUMMER TERM 2014 (06/23/14/14 – 08/15/14)  
    NOTE: Summer terms vary at Oregon's public universities. Some have two 4-week sessions; some have 3-week sessions; some have a 6-week session; some have an 8-week session; and some have an 11-week session. Check with the campus offering the course to be certain of course dates and duration.

Literacy Foundations (3 cr required for Endorsement)
  • READ 519: Language study for teachers, K-12 (3 cr), Verbruggen, PSU
Literacy Strategies & Methods (3 cr required for Endorsement or Literacy Education Course of Study)
  • ED 562: Literacy in the elementary grades (3 cr), Alexander-Shea, EOU
  • ED 586: Comprehension strategies (3 cr), Davenport, EOU
  • ED 628: Teaching writing under the Common Core State Standards (3 cr), Landon-Hays, WOU
  • READ 533: Boy readers/boy writers, K-8 (3 cr), Skach, PSU
  • READ 535: Language & literacy in content areas (3 cr), Belcastro, SOU
  • READ 542: Reading specialist test preparation (1 cr), Hofmann, EOU
Literacy for Diverse Learners (3 cr required for Endorsement or Literacy Education Course of Study)
  • CI 510: Culturally responsive literacy education (3 cr), Moll, PSU
Literacy Assessment (3 cr required for Endorsement)
  • ED 584: Miscue analysis, K-12 (3 cr), Davenport, EOU
  • READ 534: Classroom reading and writing assessment, K-12 (3 cr), Verbruggen, PSU
  • READ 572: Reading assessment: ECE/Elementary (3 cr), Olien, SOU
  • READ 574: Reading assessment: Middle/High (3 cr), Hofmann, EOU
Literacy Leadership (3 cr required for Endorsement)
  • ED 569: Issues and research in literacy (2 cr), Hofmann, EOU
  • READ 580: Leadership in school literacy programs (3 cr), Landon-Hays, WOU
Literature (No credits are required in Literature, but it is strongly recommended that you take a literature course if you have not done so. You may take literature as well as any of the other categories above for your 6 credits of electives.)
  • ED 564: Literature in literacy programs, K-12 (3 cr), Alexander-Shea, EOU
  • LIB 532: Multicultural children's & young adult literature, (3 cr), Lum, PSU
  • READ 590: Children's literature, pK-5 (3 cr), Lau-Smith, SOU
  • READ 594: Young adult literature (3 cr), staff, EOU
Practicum (3 cr required for Endorsement)
No practica are being offered summer 2014.

READ OREGON Webpages at Campuses

Participating READ OREGON universities have developed websites to both promote the READ OREGON program and to provide information about courses being taught by their faculty.

Coordination of ReadOregon is managed by The Teaching Research Institute, Western Oregon University.
ReadOregon is a consortium of five Colleges/Schools of Education of the Oregon University System
in cooperation with OUS Departments of Distance and Continuing Education.
The ReadOregon program was originally developed (2002-2005) with grant funds from
the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Dept. of Education

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