1) I’m interested in these programs and courses. How do I get started?

Choose a “home” university and contact one of them directly for any remaining questions:

2) I already have my master’s degree and I’m not interested in a reading endorsement. How do I apply to take individual courses only?

You may register for the course without being formally admitted to any University. Contact one of the home institutions directly for help with registration.

3) Can I “mix and match” ReadOregon courses and campus-based courses?

Yes, you can complete the Reading Specialist Program or the Literacy Certificate by “mixing and matching.” However, your program of study must be approved by the authorized reading faculty at your home institution.

4) If I take courses from two or three different universities, will they all “count” at my own university?

Yes. ReadOregon was designed by a consortium which has agreed to accept coursework from each other.  You will need to submit official transcripts to your home institution when you complete the program.

5) Will ReadOregon courses count towards a master’s degree?

If you want to use ReadOregon courses for a specialization in a master’s degree, contact the academic advisor at your home university for specific requirements.

6) Will courses I take to complete the 12-credit Literacy Certificate count toward the 24-credit reading endorsement program later?

Yes. Core course requirements in the Literacy Certificate are also core course requirements in the Reading Specialist program, so this program can be used as a “stepping stone” to becoming a reading specialist.

7) What’s involved in earning my endorsement?

The reading endorsement program consists of courses in 6 thematic areas plus a school-based practicum. Students take 3 credits from each of the thematic areas plus 6 credits of reading/literacy electives. Upon completion of all the coursework, the practicum and after having taken and passed the Praxis II Reading Specialist test, students submit Program Completion documents to their home institution. The home institution “recommends” students to TSPC.

8) Should courses be taken in a special order?

Courses can be taken in any order but most universities have specific prerequisites for the practicum. Check with your home institution before submitting a practicum request.

9) Am I going to be able to do the practicum for the Reading Endorsement in my own school? Who will supervise my practicum?

Practicum assignments are school-based and you will work directly with students and faculty in your school. Your ReadOregon advisor may ask you to design schoolwide or other class interventions in order to practice the many roles of a reading specialist. You will need to identify a teacher in the school who has their reading endorsement to be your cooperating teacher. Your principal or a district reading specialist may serve in this role in rare circumstances.

10) What if I’m not teaching at the moment?

Your home institution field placement office will arrange for a placement for you after you submit your practicum request.

11) Are ReadOregon courses accredited?

Yes. ReadOregon courses are accredited by the Northwest  Commission on Colleges and Universities.  In addition, the ReadOregon reading specialist program is approved by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and aligned with the International Reading Association standards for reading professionals.

12) Where can I find program completion forms?

13) What if I have done previous coursework in literacy? May I request a substitution for any of the ReadOregon courses?

Yes. If you come to the program with previous coursework, you may be able to request a substitution. Submit the ReadOregon substitution form for review with an official transcript and syllabus or course description to the academic advisor at your home institution.