Home institutions

son-99746_640ReadOregon students may choose Portland State University or Southern Oregon University to serve as their “home” institution:

The home institution will:

Your home institution will not:

  • Register you for classes. You must register for classes at the university that is offering the course.

You are responsible for:

  • Becoming formally admitted to your home institution
  • Submitting a practicum request form within the deadlines for placement. This allows the field placement offices enough time to secure placements and cooperating teachers if you have not identified one yourself
  • Collecting any transcripts for coursework done at other universities in the consortium and providing them to your advisor when you complete the program
  • Filling out program completion information and licensure request forms

If you do not have a home institution, you may fill out the ReadOregon Interest Form and request one. The information from your application form goes to the ReadOregon project office and is shared with the home institution you select so that they can better advise you. You may select Portland State University or Southern Oregon University as your home institution, if you live in Oregon. If you live outside Oregon, please check with your state licensing agency to be sure they will recognize ReadOregon coursework.

University ReadOregon Questions/Procedures Academic Advisor
Portland State
Elizabeth Snyder
503-725-9786 or 800-547-8887 x59786
Dr. Susan Lenski
Southern Oregon
K.C. Sam
Dr. Jo-Anne Lau-Smith